The Benefits Of Having A Central AC System Installed

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There are many ways to cool a home in the summer. For years, most people relied on open windows and fans, and some do still take this approach. Portable and window air conditioner units have also become quite common. However, the absolute best option, in most cases, is to have a central air conditioning system installed. And yes, there are even central air options even for homes that don't have ducts already installed. What, exactly, are the benefits of installing central air? Take a look.

1. There's nothing to install and uninstall each season.

Portable and window air conditioners need to be installed or set up each spring and then taken down again each fall. Especially in the case of window AC units, this can be quite a demanding task. Air conditioners are heavy, and most people cannot install them on their own. With central air, you'll hire an installer who will come out one day and put your system in. All you need to do each season is flip the thermostat from "heat" to "cool."

2. There's less noise.

Even today's quieter window AC units are still loud. That's just what happens when you wrap a big fan, an evaporator coil, and a condenser up into one machine. Central AC units are a lot quieter. For one thing, the condenser is located outside, so you don't notice the noise that it makes. The fan is typically located in the basement, so you don't really hear it, either. The quieter operation of a central air conditioner is really beneficial if you are a light sleeper or have young kids who wake up easily at night.

3. Your home stays dehumidified.

All air conditioners are designed to remove both heat and humidity from the air. But window units tend not to do this very effectively, especially if you only have them in a few of your rooms. A central air conditioner treats the whole home, pulling moisture out of the air in every space. This will make your home feel even cooler, and it will help prevent moisture-related issues like mold growth and wood damage.

Central air conditioners are a good choice for most homeowners. Yes, they cost a bit more than window units, but the benefits above are worth that higher cost. Talk to an HVAC contractor in your area to get a quote or schedule your AC installation appointment.