Commonly Needed Furnace Repairs

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Furnace damage can be an issue that will often be extremely noticeable to those inside the home. Unfortunately, homeowners may not always be aware of what is needed to repair some of the damages that their furnace system can suffer over the time that they own it.

Blower Malfunctions

The blower will be essential to distribute the warm air that the furnace is creating. Unfortunately, a blower can fail due to a number of different problems. For example, the motor that turns the blades can actually fail, which can be among the most complex repairs the furnace may need as the blower motor will have to be replaced if this occurs. Another potential cause of failure for the blower will be the blades becoming warped or corroded. In fact, the blades can corrode enough to break.

Excess Carbon Monoxide Production

A furnace that burns oil or gas will produce a large number of fumes that will have to be ventilated if the home is to remain safe. Unfortunately, malfunctions with the burner can increase the amount of this dangerous gas that is being produced, which can prevent it all from being effectively ventilated. If this problem is occurring, your carbon monoxide detector that is near the furnace should sound an alarm. Unfortunately, the furnace will have to be turned off until the source of the malfunction can be identified and repaired. Often, this can be due to the burner operating at a lower temperature than is intended. This will have the end result of failing to burn off much of the oil and gas that is being produced.

Rodent Damage

Rodents can be a source of serious damage to your burner. Due to the location of the furnace, it can be possible for the rodents to be able to cause extensive damage to the furnace before the owner is even aware that this problem is occurring. One of the main damages that these pests can cause will be chewing through wiring. Additionally, they may build nests near the blower, which could lead to it getting clogged and failing. If you find rodents have targeted the furnace during the months when it is dormant, you should make sure to have it inspected by a furnace repair contractor before attempting to use it again. This will allow for much of the damage that the rodents caused to be identified and repaired before you attempt to use the furnace. In some instances, you may find that the rodents were unable to cause serious harm to the unit, but this inspection will avoid situations where you make the damage worse by using the furnace.

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