Fight Dust Mites With Your HVAC System

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How often do you wake up in the morning to find your skin itchy and your chest congested? If you experience cold symptoms regularly, your problem could be dust mites. Dust mites prompt allergy reactions, and they can survive in almost any kind of climate, including your cozy home. Fortunately, you can eliminate many of the problems posed by dust mites by turning your attention to your HVAC system.

Check Your Humidity Levels

Dust mites thrive in homes with high levels of humidity. If you want to say goodbye to dust mites for good, you need to assess why your home is so humid and how your HVAC system may contribute to the problem. Humidity is also troublesome because it can impact the performance of your system. As you can see, humidity can create a vicious cycle in your home, and the moisture inside might not be doing you any favors.

Clean Your Ducts

A professional HVAC technician will clean your ducts. As your ducts accumulate debris, they can gather and scatter allergens like dust mites. If you have never had your home's ducts cleaned before, you will find that this service improves HVAC performance and prevents your allergies from worsening. You benefit from the fresh air in your home right away, and you can say goodbye to dust mites.

Change Your HVAC Filter

If you have never changed your HVAC filter before, chances are that your home desperately needs it. Not sure what kind of filter you need? An HVAC professional can change the filter and ensure you have one that catches not only large particles but also small dust mites that would otherwise work their way into your home. Dirt and dust in the filter can also harm your AC's efficiency, perhaps even sending hot air through the home.

Assess Your Home's Ventilation System

If you have never checked out your home's ventilation system, you might be surprised at what you find. Many homes lack adequate ventilation, which can allow humidity and heat to develop in your attic, creating the perfect place for dust mites to thrive.

Do you have questions about your HVAC system and dust mites? A professional team is happy to help you eliminate dust mites from your home so you can breathe easy once again. Contact an AC services professional today to discuss dust mites and other issues you have with your current system. Help is available today.