Short Cycling And Your Air Conditioning: When To Call For AC Services

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Your air conditioning can start to malfunction for a number of reasons. Short cycling is when your system turns on and off quickly, without cooling off your home. If you hear your air conditioning system turning on and off frequently but you still feel hot in the home, you might need to call for AC services to determine what is going on. The easiest solution is if someone has turned your AC thermostat from cool to fan. This can occur, as someone in the home might be cold and tried to turn the system off. If your AC is on cool and your system is not bringing down the temperature in your home, it's time to call for help.

There's Ice On Your Evaporator Coils

Ice can build up on your evaporator coils, making it hard for air to flow freely through your air conditioning system. If you find ice on your evaporator coils, try shutting off the system and allowing the ice to melt completely. You can safely turn on your system again and see if this fixes the problem. If ice builds up again, AC services need to be contacted to figure out what is wrong.

Low Refrigerant Levels and Your AC

Your air conditioner may have a hard time cooling down your home when the refrigerant levels are low. When you have minimal refrigerant, there could be a leak in the system. Your air conditioner is going to work extra hard to try and cool off your home when it needs refrigerant, and the system will shut off when it gets too hot. As it cools down, your system will turn back on, only to start overheating again.  One of the first things AC services will check is the refrigerant level to see if that's the problem.

A Broken Thermostat

Even when your thermostat is set correctly, the thermostat itself could be broken. When you have normal refrigerant levels and your unit is working correctly, the short cycling could be caused by a broken thermostat that needs to be replaced.

If you hear your air conditioning turn on and off without cooling down your home, check your thermostat setting first. If that's on cool, look to see if ice is on your unit. When you can't figure out what is going on, call for AC repair services to have a technician come and assess the situation. Keep cool during the hot weather with a well-maintained ac system. Companies like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc can help.