3 Reasons To Repair Your Clogged AC Drain Line Right Away

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An air conditioner drain line plays an integral role in the overall function of the unit. As the system operates and draws in air from the outside, the moisture in the air is extracted. The role of the drain line is to collect this excess moisture and ensure it drains a safe distance away from the unit. If you've noticed signs that your drain line is not functioning correctly or getting clogged but you haven't performed repairs, learn what further problems you are at risk for.

1. Mold Growth

Don't be surprised if you start to detect a mold smell. When the humidity from the outside air doesn't drain away from the unit, it will collect around the unit instead. With the excess water and limited ventilation and light that is often found around an air conditioner unit, you have a recipe for mold growth. 

As the mold collects around the unit, the mold spores can quickly seep into the unit and start to attach to the air that cycles through your home, which isn't pleasant. Ensuring the drain is working correctly will help you avoid this issue. 

2. Water Damage

When you think about a clogged drain in the sink, what is one thing that happens? The water backs up. The same thing will happen if you fail to repair the drain line. As the water backs up, you could be left with a great deal of water damage. 

For example, as the water collects and pools on the floor, it can damage the floor and even the subflooring. The pooling water could also cause humidity issues that can damage the paint on the wall in the space where the air conditioner is housed. Repairing the unit can help you avoid costly water damage repairs.  

3. Air Conditioner Damage

Failing to repair an ill-performing drain line could also mean damage to the air conditioner unit. As previously mentioned, water from a clogged drain will back up. Unfortunately, in some instances, the water can actually backflow into the unit. 

If too much moisture gets inside the unit, you could be faced with catastrophic damage to the unit, such as rust development along the metal surfaces and electrical damage, which can be very costly to repair. The drain line must always be performing correctly to avoid this type of mishap. 

Repair any issues with your air conditioner's drain line as soon as possible. An AC repair professional can quickly address the problem and help you avoid the costly issues named above.