Planning To Install An AC In An Old Home? Here Are A Few Complications To Expect

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If you have acquired an old home without an HVAC system and you want to retrofit it with one, there are two things you should know. The first thing you should know is that it is possible. The second thing you should know is that it will be challenging and not all types of HVAC might fit your house. Here are some of the causes of complications when installing an HVAC in an old home:

Lack of Ductwork

A common problem with very old homes is that many of them don't have ductwork. This is a problem because traditional central HVAC requires ductwork to circulate heated or cool air around the house to maintain the desired temperature. Unfortunately, it used to be that many old homes were designed to be heated by steam, hot water or fireplaces, all of which don't require ductworks such as the ones used by conventional HVAC systems. This means you can't just install a central HVAC in such an old home.

Inadequate Space for Ductwork

If you want to install an HVAC in an old home, one of the options available for you is to install to tear up the house and install the ductwork. After that, you can install the HVAC system and connect it to the ductwork. Unfortunately, even this may not be an option because some old homes don't even have space on which the ductwork can be installed. You may find yourself with the prospect of damaging the original valuable flooring or woodwork to install the ductwork.

Uncontrolled Airflow

Another problem with heating and cooling old homes is that they may not be as airtight as newer homes are. This is partly because these old homes weren't constructed with stringent standard and codes as newer homes are. This means they tend to have air leaks that allow heated or conditioned air to escape, but also allow outside air to enter the house. This is why an old home is more likely to be energy inefficient as compared to newer homes.

Inadequate Electrical System

The typical house today consumes more electricity than the typical house of decades ago. This makes sense since many electrical systems and appliances are being invented every day. Therefore, you may find that your old home's electrical system wasn't built to handle the energy demands of the HVAC system you want to install. In such a case, you may be faced with the expensive prospect of upgrading the electrical system too.

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