Invest In New Air Filters Today

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Boiler and HVAC Air filters are usually very easy to find it very easy to replace. Most central HVAC systems have an air filter mounted directly inside or on the cabinet wall of the furnace or air handler. It shouldn't be too hard to find, because air filters are usually the size of a large pizza box. Once you've located your filter, you can pull it out of the compartment that it rests in without any tools.

Clean or Replace Your Filter

You don't need to replace your filter if it doesn't look dirty. Filters are always white, and it is very easy to tell if they are dirty. If your filter is dark or has a layer of dust over the white felt, you should replace it. It usually isn't worth wasting your time trying to actually clean vacuum your filter because the felt is so sticky. Also, filters usually cost less than $10, so it is more time and cost effective to just replace them all together.

Save Money

In order to save money on the project, you can buy filters in bulk. Usually, a pack of three filters will still cost less than $40. The cost and lifespan of a filter definitely depends on the product that you buy, but also on how often you run your heat and air conditioning. More expensive products might be worth it because they are better at protecting your system from allergens, dust, and dander (they also last longer).

When to Change Your Filter

If you only have central heat, and not air conditioning, your filter won't need to work as hard, and it will last much longer. If you are running your heat and air conditioner during both during the summer and winter, then you are going to need to replace your filter more often. Basically, the lifespan that is stated on the box can really only be used as a guideline. For instance, a filter that has a 6 month lifespan might last two years before it actually needs to be replaced in some homes. But, in others you might need to replace the filter every three months because the HVAC gets used so often.

There are three immediate advantages of having a clean air filter. First of all, it is going to result in cleaner, allergen-free air in your home. Second, it will promote stronger airflow. Third, a boiler with a clean air filter is going to last longer. For more tips on residential air conditioning maintenance, contact companies like I C E Heating & Cooling.