Check These Three Areas On Your Window Air Conditioner Regularly To Keep It Running Smoothly

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As the weather outside begins to heat up, many homeowners will begin to set up their window air conditioners. But if you want your air conditioner to operate efficiently, it's important that you clean out some key areas on the unit before you begin using it. In fact, for maximum effect and to increase your A/C's lifespan you should periodically clean your air conditioner not just when first setting it up at the start of the summer but once every few weeks while it is seeing heavy use. Here are three key areas on your air conditioning unit you should keep an eye on along with some quick tips on how to clean efficiently.


The maintenance task you will want to complete most frequently to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to clean or replace the unit's air filters. When your air filters become dirty, it can restrict the airflow. This will significantly reduce the unit's efficiency, meaning it will have to work harder to keep the room as cool as you desire. Furthermore, a dirty filter can cause air to carry dirt directly into other parts of the A/C, like the evaporator coil. Luckily, replacing a filter is a relatively straightforward task, as it only involves popping out the old one and putting a new one in place. If you don't have an air conditioning services specialist visiting you on a regular basis, you can find a new A/C filter for sale at most hardware stores.


Your air conditioner's evaporator coil and condenser coil work in tandem to keep you and your family cool. A clean air filter will help prevent the evaporator coil from getting too dirty but eventually, over time, dirt will accumulate. Just like with a dirty filter, a dirty coil can restrict airflow and reduce the ability of the coil to absorb heat. You can clean the coils with soap and water but for best results, you can find condenser cleaner or foam at most hardware stores.


The coil fins that are located near the evaporator and condenser coils are another key area you should check periodically. These fins can be easily bent and when that happens, airflow through the coil can again be restricted. Purchase a fin comb at any hardware store to quickly and efficiently restore this part of your unit to its original condition. 

Your air conditioner's filter, coils and fins should be checked periodically to ensure that air flow is not being restricted and that the unit is operating efficiently. Hiring an air conditioning specialist to come out and perform maintenance on a regular basis may be a good option, but you can tackle these tasks yourself if you have the right tools for the job. Contact a business, such as, for more information.