3 Efficient Boiler Options That Use Renewable Energy Resources

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Renewable energy can be a great investment for your home if you are looking for ways for your family to save. Boilers used for heating homes offer you may solutions to lower your heating bills with energy efficient technology, such as using biomass or integrating solar energy into your home's mechanical systems. Here are some energy efficient boiler solutions that use renewable energy to heat your home:

1. Reducing Energy Consumption Of Gas Boilers With Solar

If you are looking for ways you can update your boiler with renewable energy, solar may be your answer. Solar collectors can be used to heat water, which can then be delivered to your boiler to make it more efficient. You can even store the solar energy using thermal tanks. There are many different types of solar water heaters to choose from, which evacuated tube styles will give you the best performance and even heat water on overcast days.

2. Having A Biomass Boiler Installed For An Affordable Heating Solution

Another option for renewable energy is having your boiler replaced with a newer biomass boiler. These systems use organic materials to heat the water in the boiler. This can be a good option if you are considering replacing your boiler. If you have an older oil boiler, you may want to have the heating service look at it to see if it can be retrofitted with biomass burner, which can help you save on the cost of having your boiler replaced. These systems can use a pellet fuel, wood chips or even plain ole firewood.

3.  Maximizing Energy Efficiency With A Condensing Boiler System

The older, less efficient boiler in your home can also have simple improvements done to make it more efficient. A condensing system can be added to your boiler to make it use the energy from the exhaust gases. This helps to reduce the pollutants that come from boilers, as well as make them more energy efficient.  In addition, there are also newer energy efficient condensing boilers that can be installed if you have to have your boiler replaced. This can be a great option if you are looking for a more conventional solution for your home.

These are some energy efficient solutions that you may want to consider for biomass boilers for your home. If you are ready to start updating the heating system in your home, contact a heating contractor like Action Appliance Services and discuss some of these solutions with them.