5 Things To Do To Winterize The Plumbing In Your Home

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Right before the winter season, there are many things you will want to do to prepare, including some important maintenance for the plumbing in your home. During the winter season, the pipes in your home are susceptible to freezing and then bursting as a result. To prevent this, you will want to do the following five things:

  1. Fix Leaks: Any and all leaks need to be repaired before the winter season arrives. This will prevent excess water from having the potential to cause problems with freezing. Check under the sinks and around other areas where moisture can build up, such as in the attic garage space, around the air conditioning unit, and near the water heater. You will want to check these areas for standing water, which can indicate a leak. Once standing water is located, you will want to call a plumbing to locate the source of the leak and repair it. 
  2. Insulate the Pipes: All exposed pipes underneath the sinks, in the attic, and more need to be insulated properly to prevent exposure to freezing temperatures. You can purchase pipe wrap insulation from your local hardware store, which is easy to install and even helps to lower your heating costs during the winter. 
  3. Remove the Garden Hoses from the Yard: The garden hoses likely aren't going to be needed during the winter when your lawn is already covered in snow or experiencing a great deal of rain fall. Because of this, you will want to remove the hoses from the yard and store them in the garage. Be sure that you remove any water in them first to prevent the hose from freezing and bursting. This also prevents the standing water in the hoses from getting trapped in the pipes that lead to your home, thus freezing and bursting those pipes. 
  4. Turn off the Water to the Sprinklers: The water supply that runs to the sprinklers should be shut off completely. This prevents water from standing in the pipes, which can freeze them and lead to you having to replace the entire sprinkler system altogether. 
  5. Know Where the Main Plumbing Line Is: If this is your first winter in your new home and you don't currently know where the main plumbing line is, it's a good idea to locate it right away. This is because if a pipe does happen to freeze this winter, you will be able to shut off the water from the main plumbing line to ensure that no further damage is done until you have a plumber come and make the necessary repairs. 

By knowing these five things to do for your plumbing before the winter, you can be sure that you save a great deal of time and money on plumbing repairs during this winter season. For more tips, contact a local plumber.