Preparing Your HVAC System For The Winter Months

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With winter fast approaching, a number of different issues can arise concerning the safety of your home. From roofs collapsing under the weight of heavy snow to clogged gutters from fallen leaves, winter is a time to prepare your home for the frigid temperatures. When it comes to your home's heating system, proper preparation is key to ensuring you and your family stay warm. Read on to learn about how you can prepare your HVAC system for the winter season.

Do a Visual Inspection

Take a close look at your outdoor unit and make sure that it's free of anything blocking it and that there are no leaves or other debris inside. If so, simply use a leaf blower to remove anything so that it's free and clear of obstructions. Now is a good time to also inspect your coils and the metal "fins" that are in the unit. If the coils are dirty, a breakdown can occur if your unit has to work too hard. Be sure all components look to be in top condition and are clean before you turn the heat on for the first time.

DIY Prevention

If you have an older thermostat, it may be time to upgrade. Do a test to see how accurate the readings are on your thermostat to ensure that it's calibrated correctly. If it's cold inside your home but it's putting a readout of a much higher temperature, it could be dysfunctional. You can also purchase a programmable version that will let you turn the heat down to a cooler setting while you're away. This can save you a lot of money on your heating costs each month. Just like the air conditioning, your heating needs clean air filters to run smoothly. Change the air filter every month, paying close attention to its condition. 

Check Your Ducts

The ductwork in your attic and ceilings is the way all of your heat flows from the air handler and into your home. If your ducts are clogged, the heat may be prevented from working properly in terms of temperature, and a serious backlog could happen to damage the outside unit. Go into the attic and using a flashlight, shine the light into the ducts. If they look clogged or full of dust, you may want to consider calling a duct cleaning service to have them unblocked. These simple yet effective steps can help to ensure your family stays cozy inside throughout the winter season.

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