2 Ways To Improve HVAC Airflow

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There are many points in a typical HVAC system where the air flow can be blocked. The vents and ducts can get clogged, as can all the filters and output pipes for the furnace and air conditioner. If your heater or air conditioner is not working properly, it could be due to any of these things. This article will explain 2 specific things to check and fix if you want to increase the air flow in your HVAC system.

Clean the Heat Pump

The heat pump is vital to the entire HVAC system. The pump, which is located in the furnace, blows all the air the is circulated through the duct (even the air conditioner). This is why you will often hear your furnace making noise when your AC is running. The actual heating mechanism is not running, but the fan spins to blow the air into the ducts.

The pump can get clogged very easily if it gets dirty. To clean the pump you need unplug the power supply and then find the access door. The door is usually at the bottom of the furnace. It can be removed by just taking out a couple of screws. Once the door is off of the furnace you should inspect the compartment with a flashlight. If you notice dirt deep inside, you should clean it out with a hose vacuum.

Clean the Ducts

Cleaning the ducts in your home is not that difficult. You need to remove the vents from the wall first with a flathead screwdriver. The only hard part is finding a tool that allows you to reach into the ducts. You can use telescoping painter's pole or long broomstick. You can attach a duster to the end of most telescoping painter's poles because they have universal fittings. If not, you will have to get creative. Tape a small hand towel to the end of the pole and get it damp. This will soak up any dust and help improve the air quality in your home. While the vents are removed from the wall, you should also clean them on both sides.

These two simple project will only take a few hours. They can both increase the air flow in your home. It is also smart because the cleaner ducts will put less stress on your furnace and air conditioner. It will prolong the life of your appliances and help them to operate more efficiently. For more information, contact companies like A One Heating & Air Conditioning.