Why Should You Switch To An Above Ground Tank For Your Heating Oil Storage?

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Your oil storage tank is an important aspect of the heating system of your home. Over time, your tank could wear out and develop leaks. In this case, you will need to have it replaced right away to preserve fuel and to prevent safety hazards caused by leaking oil. 

If you previously had an underground tank, you might not be sure whether to replace it with an above ground tank or another underground tank. Installing a new underground tank is an extensive and intrusive operation, so you might be thinking that an above ground tank will be more convenient even though it will take up space on your property. 

The following are four important reasons to opt for an above ground replacement tank for storing your heating oil:

Leak prevention

Both above ground and underground storage tanks have the potential to develop leaks over time. However, it's easy to look out for developing leaks on an above ground tank. It's also easier to see them once they've developed.

Because the bulk of an underground tank is hidden, it can be difficult to detect and prevent leaks in an underground tank. 

Less expensive

Usually, above ground tanks are less expensive than underground tanks. They are less expensive for two reasons. First, they do not have to be able to stand up to the rigors and structural demands of being located beneath the ground. Second, they do not require as much labor to install. 

Easier to access

An underground tank can not easily be accessed for maintenance and repair needs. On the other hand, it's easy to get at every single part of an above ground tank. 

Often, the easier access of an above ground tank will make it more simple for your oil delivery service to fill your tank. This often saves money on labor costs and makes it more convenient to keep your oil supply full and prevent shortages.

More safe

Oil leaks can create a fire hazard or even an explosion if they are not detected and fixed. When an underground tank leaks, it's difficult to detect the leak and it's therefore more likely that area residents will be threatened by fire hazards.

With underground tanks, it's easier for accident to happen that can cause leaks. Underground tanks are often not visible from above the ground. It's therefore possible for them to be damaged by construction or landscaping efforts that involve digging into the ground.  

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