3 Quick Central Air Repairs

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Are your air conditioner and furnace not pumping out as much hot air as they should? The problem could have to do with the actual appliances, or it could lie somewhere else in your HVAC system. For instance, clogged ducts, filters and air vents can all reduce the air flow of your entire central air system. At the same time, this could put too much strain on your appliances, damaging them. There are several things that you can fix in your HVAC system that could be hampering the production of the furnace and AC unit. This article explains how to find and fix 3 common problems on your own.

Check the Pilot Light

On most furnaces the pilot light is visible through the vents. If your light is flickering or even losing its flame completely, you might need to relight it. First, unplug the power to your furnace, then turn off the gas. This will extinguish the pilot flame. You can then turn the gas back on and relight the flame. Some newer furnaces have self-igniting mechanisms that are easy to use. Otherwise, you will need to light it with a lighter or matches. If your flame still flickers and seems uneven, you should call an HVAC specialist.

Change the Furnace Filter

Changing the furnace filter is probably the easiest job. The filter can be easily located within its own compartment. It is about the size of a pizza box and it has a small access door. Pull the filter out and write down the model number. Take that info to the home improvement store to make sure you get the right replacement.

Vacuum Out the Blower Compartment

The blower compartment is an important element of the furnace. It houses the fan that blows the heated air from the furnace and circulates it into the ducts. If the blower is clogged it could slow down the fan and drastically reduce your airflow. If you take off the access door by removing a couple of screws, you can easily clean the entire compartment with a hose vacuum. This will only take a few seconds and it will definitely improve your heating system.

These 3 jobs can all be done in a single day. You don't need any special tools or experience servicing HVAC system to do these jobs. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your furnace will ensure that it is always operating just as it should be. For additional assistance, however, contact a company like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.